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Identifying Personal Strengths And Weaknesses English Language Essay

Identifying Personal Strengths And Weaknesses English speech communication EssayA reason for identifying individualized specialisms and weaknesses is to military service achieve success in my professional life, private life, as well as the role that I play in a learning aggroup to be most effective goals. We also permit under developed atomic number 18as or weaknesses that need improvement. By identifying these strengths and weaknesses, we can better ourselves, and we can improve the weaker argonas while utilize our strengths to our advantage.Part of what draw ins every person ludicrous is a personality that incorporates of both strengths and weaknesses. My personal strengths are having a great good sense of humour, taking righteousness for my actions, magnate to be trained readily, and conclusion the most efficient way to execute a process. My weaknesses consist of having a lack of discipline to complete undesir satisfactory tasks, procrastination, punctuality, and introversion.MAIN BODYI believe that prevailing the humour in any situation is my key to maintaining a positive attitude. Having a good sense of humour is very important and helps me deal with lifes day-to-day stresses. I applaud an open banter with completion friends and making fun of their decisions which, in hindsight, were found to be unwise. In addition, I can also muzzle about some matter absurd that I did.It is important that I take responsibility for my decisions and actions. More ofttimes, it seems that people are not held accountable. Society, in general, seems to be tolerant of excuses and reasons why a person should not be blamed. If I made a mistake, I am able to accept the consequences of my action.Learning how to do things has always recognise easily to me. Once I soak up been filen how to operate something or what process to follow, I am able to repeat it correctly. As a child I effortlessly learned how to play several instruments the indulgent and flute. As an adult, when I am given an assignment to complete at college, I go forth find the quickest and easiest way in order to complete the task. I hope to maintain my effortless ability to learn as I continue through school.My lack of discipline often causes me to procrastinate with acquiring things done. If I know something can be accomplished on another day then I will wait. This weakness has caused me to rush around at the last minute to force things done. Often, I scotch frustrated with myself for not starting sooner, but procrastinating continues to be a challenge.This weakness also leads to my inability to be punctual. I am frequently late to many functions because I do not leave myself becoming time to prepare. Luckily, I have close friends who are tolerant and continue to include me on their invitations. At times, I paid the consequences for being late doctors appointments had to be re enrolmentd and opportunities were missed.Because one of my weaknesses is being an introver t, I am often viewed as snobbish and boring. This makes it difficult for most people to relate to me and makes it harder for me to make acquaintances. I look forward-moving to working in teams at school to help me overcome this obstacle. As I spend more time with someone, I get more relaxed around that person and become more out going. I am thankful to have a small group of close friends with whom I am very comfortable.These attributes are a result of outside influences and life experiences. By recognizing my weaknesses, I am able to take the quest measuring rods towards making progress in order to avoid procrastinating, I have begun utilizing my planner to schedule my time wisely whenever I find myself being critical, I remind myself that I am in no position to be judgmental and when I catch myself being reclusive, I remind myself to not be afraid of making a stupid comment.Everyone has personal weaknesses. Those of us who are wise get by them and label to overcome these char acter flaws. Others ignore their personal weaknesses and find themselves repeating mistakes and leading unfulfilled lives. The deep to self-improvement is to discover your fallibilities and either correct them, or find a way to turn them into strengths.I have many weaknesses. Only my mother thinks that I am perfect. But I see the flaws. average as I look into a mirror and examine my face for wrinkles and gravy hairs on a daily basis, I also look into my soul to see my inner imperfections. While a inadequate Botox and hair colouring can fix your outer defects, the inner journey to self-improvement is not quite as easy. You have to be able to see your own faults. The secret of how to overcome your personal weaknesses lies within you and how willing you are to look within your true self.CONCLUSIONWhat one person considers strength could be viewed by another as a weakness. perspicacious my weaknesses helps me to plan ways to overcome them when I am doing tasks and interacting with o thers. I need to be descriptorer to myself and less rigid about things being just so. I also need to be more sensitive and understanding of others who do not embrace my perfectionist habits. I believe to be a life learning experience. I have certain personal strengths and weaknesses.Knowing what I am good at and what I am weak in can help me to become better person. Recognizing weaknesses a keen-sighted with having the desire to improve on them is a skill that I have. If I tangibleize I have a weakness in a certain area of my life, I will work to improve myself in that area. I also use my personal strengths to improve myself in the areas where I am weak. Greatest personal strength that permeates into other areas of my life is persistent to be good at anything that I do. I set high standards for myself. I believe in doing things well in order to be successful with what I do and with the commitments I make.QUESTION 2INTRODUCTIONTo incur yourself to have passion in think to look ov er the material before you read it. fast up the mind on the subject matter before you become to try. Get yourself interested in the material that you are about to study. Imagine why it actually is important to you or else make up a reason that motivates you to recompense attention.Read with total focused concentration in alpha using the tri-focus technique for the duration of your attention span. In eyes closed Alpha, imagine that you are fully confident(p) that you know the information and will be able to recall it anytime, oddly under pressure. Go cover version over what you just read, very quickly over what you realized that you already knew. Go very quickly over what you totally understood. Although think over, what you dont need to know stop and study only what is left. Review what you know, study only what you didnt get the first time through.MAIN BODYAs in a real life as a pupil I will make myself to have the passion in analyze is like I have to preclude on studyin g every day sort of of hoping the material will bring you into a focused concentration state, my focus my concentration first on my peaceful place and then shift over to the material I am learning.Another thing about paying attention is that it is much easier to pay attention to something when i have some kind of idea what I am going to pay attention to before I am pay attention to it. Its much easier to move into the process of learning, when the mind/spirit/heart is warmed up. So step one, i scan the material. This is not reading, or even skimming. I were take a look at what I am about to read, just looking at a few words on each page, the words that pop out for me, just thinking about what subject this is, before i read it.The subject of studies is all connected to and revolves around human activity. A study of these is only going to improve the quality of our own life. This thought may help me to love studies. I will make it a part of myself and my lifestyle. If i incorporate s tudies into my everyday schedule within a short occur of time i will find that it has become second nature for me to study.Regardless of what I am want to study and i should always try to be curious and most importantly enjoy what I am doing. I shall think of new ways to learn and try to apply what I learn to things that i see happening around me. Its great to see myself to enthusiastic and willing to study. I might have to use fantasy. Make myself impressing with the subject I am going to studying. So what do i love in life? Bring it into my studies.While I am studding I should keep it fun.not stressful it is just my interest that i found something interesting, and then i discover how do that? That is study by practice and keenness on the subject. I ought to motivate by myself when I am studying. I provide myself to have a free time. Make sure that I am sitting in a comfortable place, with adequate lighting and no noise.In one of my articles about stress i explained how such exter nal factors can prevent you from concentrating while studying and thus reduce the effectiveness of your studying methods. The key to effective studying isnt cramming or studying longer, but studying smarter. I can begin studying smarter to the passion in studies.Another extremely important studying tip is to make me more passion in studies is to make sure that information is being stored inside me as long verge memory and not my short term memory. By writing what i studied or by studying it over and over again me will make sure that the information was stored in my long term memory.So while I am reading i try to make it jazzy and pretty of the studying pages an also I willing to choose a room that i encounter comfortable being in. Like a library, in a classroom, Starbucks, Tim Hortons Anywhere that will make me impression motivate and inspired while I am studying. Also, try to relax, watch a funny show or do something that makes me feel good so that at the next step while am pre fer to study i will have the passion to study again. As a student i also have to avoid studying all my subjects at the same time. Research shows that there is better remembering and less interference if only one subject is learned during a event study session.I use a partner that is another good recitation strategy is to get with a partner and quiz each other. This is most effective when my partner has already done real studying and of course not only should each partner ask for simple facts from the material, but it is especially helpful if partners make up questions for the other partner to answer. This is kind of study will make me to be passion in the studies well. I will remind myself that study is not only motivate its helps myself to have passion now and forever so all i need to do is just keep taking action on studying.CONCLUSIONLastly, I give myself the time to learn that material, rather than try to take every single bit of information in at once. I put that in the corn er of my eye while I am studying. I will definitely going to have the passion in studies and i will be smarter in study with the passion. What I usually do is when i complete one of the studies I set for myself and obligation to give myself a reward. The reward carcass gives me more an incentive to reach that goals in part of already achieve my passion on studying. This will makes me to drive myself to have passion in study.

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