Friday, April 19, 2019

Assignment For Media Histories Class on Photography from 1850-1900

For Media Histories Class on Photography from 1850-1900 - Assignment ExampleThe skewed horizon, infringement of the thirds rule, and several other composition errors halt out that the plan is taken for documentary needs only. 2. This image may be regarded as a perfect instance of a production picture show as a genre. Since the train platform is totally desert, it is hard to say that the actress has just arrived by train (considering the glow of her face, as well), while, in fact, the photo session was arranged in honor of Kim Novaks return from the Cannes festival. Everything seems freaky and unnatural on the photo, and this can be explained by the statement that celebrities were not avoiding photographers fifty years ago, and Kim Novak poses with pleasure. Nevertheless, it is a common image for the 50s, as photographers often covered the stars arrivals, departures, and other routine actions. However, considering the photographers point of view, it should be emphasized that he wished to depict the openheartedness of the actress, since she was tired after the trip, nevertheless, agreed to participate in the photo session. 3. Most probably, the photographers key aim was to depict the static nature of the situation on the American - Mexican border. First, the low shooting point does not add dynamism to the image, second, calm, and smooth get by transitions jointly with the absence of color and light contrasts emphasize the regular life in the Calexico, and absence of the problems that are common for the present days. However, the legal migration of the Mexican peasants and workers to the USA was the general practice for that years, and in accordance with the breeding given on the web archives, the participants of the Bracero Program crossed the border in Calexico mainly. However, hundreds of illegal immigrants also best-loved Calexico, and the publishing, where the image appeared, was meant to emphasize the problem of the illegal immigration. However, the regular character of the image could be used as the introductory moment, for opening the article in the Los Angeles Times. 4. Ernest Debs seems to be a right by nature, moreover, he is occupying a high governmental position (city councilman), and therefore, it is clear that he is not promoting, or recommending horror comics for school libraries. The conservative society must have been worried about the literature preferences of the adolescents, and, Ernest Debs, as a city councilman, is intend to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens, which involves protecting the children against undesirable content. Considering the research of the details, it should be emphasized that

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