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Comparative politics and Governance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Comparative politics and Governance - Essay mannequinFrance is taken to be the birthplace of heavy(p) democracy in the modern era, sharing leadership culturally in the development of popular society inter areaally with Britain and the USA. The ideals of democracy can be found in literature and transported to any location, but their implementation as a governing body of government is most unwavering in the USA and France today. Britain still has the House of Lords and Monarchy which illustrate the feudal patterns of society which liberal democracy replaced, and Spain in any case has a Constitutional Monarchy and King. The patterns of democratic liberalism found in the USA and France are used as a basis for development of similar systems in nation-states around the world in the process of modernization that relates to democratization multinationally. Jurgen Habermas (1994) discusses the process of democratization as it aligns with modernization in his work, Three Normative Models of commonwealth, relating the different stages a nation may enter into as the people emerge from feudal power relations. (Habermas, 1994) Following this theory, liberal democratic structures will increase in a society as the culture develops economically and through education, adopting scientific standards, and becoming globalized. This theory would suggest that the worlds most advanced economies, such as the U.S., France, and Spain, would be also the most free historicly, or have the highest advocacy for democratic institutions. Yet, China has the second largest scrimping globally, and it is often found to be lacking in liberal democratic openness on these standards. Similarly, Russia replaced the Soviet regime with a technically democratic system, and still has a strong economy today, yet international watchdogs regularly report human rights abuses and undemocratic processes in the country. This leads to the conclusion that there is not a come up to relation between the size o r advancement of an economy and liberal democracy as a policy-making system inherently, as seen particularly in Russia and China today, but also in historical examples from around the world. Nevertheless, the relationship between modernization and democratization does proceed together in many nations historically, as Barber and other show in their studies on political sociology. (Barber, 2003) 2 The separation of executive and legislative assembly is a key requirement of democratic government. Discuss. The separation of the legislature and executive is not the fundamental characteristic of democratic government, because the Parliamentary system of government links the Prime Minister directly to the notion party and its control of the majority of legislators. What is more important than the relationship of separation of powers and indicative of a liberal democracy historically is the use of a constitution in the establishment of the system of government itself. Habermas, in such w orks as On the Internal Relation between the Rule of Law and Democracy (1995), describes the existence of a constitution as a foundation document in a system of government as characteristic and a predictor of democratic liberalism. (Habermas, 1995) Yet, France, Spain, US, Russia and Nigeria all have constitutions and make claims to political liberalism, but in practice display

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