Monday, April 29, 2019

Check the attachment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Check the attachment - Assignment ExampleThe aim of this cover is to analyze colour combination or application techniques based on three dates (Foo Fighters Wasting decrepit Album cover, SMH Fletcher Jones advertisement and Interior).Considering the given images, several techniques of colour combination or scheme are evident. The scratch line picture (Foo Fighters) indicates an extensive use of analogous-complementary colour scheme. This combination technique combines pretenses that are primarily corresponding in hue by adding a small fraction of contrasting colour (Feisner, 2000). In the verbalise image Foo Fighters, colours that are primarily comparable in hue are red-purple-green. These complementary colours contrast and due to their full saturation on the image, they create a vibrant look (Nita, 2008). harmonize to Livingstone (2002), this design can be enhanced by initiating a warm brogue color flanking a cool corresponding colour. Alternatively, a cool accent color can be merged with a warm colour. This analogy is evident in the image where the accent colours harmonize the designs (Ryan and Conover, 2004).The second image (SMH Fletcher Jones advertisement) is an example of a monochromatic colour combination technique. This technique is characterized by one single color or varying intensities of a particular color such as taupe and light taupe (Albers, 1963). Compared with other colour combination techniques, the opinion of this technique on the given image is extremely quieting. This effect is apparent because of the dark background featured on the image. Despite this evaluation, this technique is considered by many as the easiest (Delamare and Guineau, 2000). However, for advertising purposes this technique is not recommended because it hardly catches the attention of people. It can find meaningful application in movie theatres.The third picture (Interior) is characterized by use of hue-similarity combination technique. In this image, the

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