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Expo-magic of the white city Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Expo-magic of the white city - Essay ExampleThe documentary also makes a description of Midway Plaisance and features sideshows, abdominal cavity dancing, street fighting, a large Ferris wheel and even salons and other activities that pronounced the beginning of the 21st century. The legacy that the ventures in the documentary left is also not left outback(a) of the discussion in the documentary (Connelly, 2). 1) Discussing How the Columbian Worlds mediocre Highlighted the Technological Delights and Cosmopolitan Pleasures of the Progressive Era in that location are several ways by which the Columbian worlds fair highlighted the technological delights of the progressive era. One of these ways is the large Ferris wheel which served as the paragon of technological and industrial advancement. These are non-building structures comprising the rotating upright wheel and passenger cars gondolas. These are kept attached to the wheel in a manner that as the wheel turns the pierce of gra vity keeps the cars upright. It is for this reason that at the end of the 20th century, roller coaster, theme parks and carnival observations became increasingly popular. Conversely, there are also ways by which the Columbian worlds fair reflected the global pleasures of the progressive era. Some of these manifestations of the cosmopolitan pleasures of the aforementioned era include acts of revelry such as belly dancing, street fighting, riding on and participating in roller coaster rides, theme parks and carnival observations. ... 2) Discussing How The Fair Highlighted The Imperialism of The Late Nineteenth Century And How The Anglo Saxon Culture of The westmost Tried To Dominate The Culture of The take a breather of The World Through Colonization It is a fact that the fair highlighted the imperialism of the 19th century. The Anglo Saxon culture of the West tried to dominate the culture of the rest of the world by colonization by using surpassing weapons that they had acquire d from their industrial revolution and development that took place before the close of the 20th century. With these superior weapons, colonial master were able to safely travel the world in search of more colonies, and to bring the autochthones into capitulation, whenever the two groups came crossways each other. It is the same technological advancement that helped the Anglo Saxon culture of the West entrench the unequal traffic between themselves and their colonies. Particularly, the technological advancement allowed the Anglo Saxons to extract resources from colonies and transport them to the United Kingdom for processing and use. In another(prenominal) wavelength, the fair highlights how the Anglo Saxon culture of the West tried to dominate other cultures through colonization through the use of the concept of socio-cultural atavism. Because of being technologically endowed, the Anglo Saxon felt that it was more culturally advanced and that in this respect it had the mandate and call to bring other societies that were perceived to be uncivilized, into civilization. Interestingly, colonialism was to be the conduit and model through which this civilization of colonies was to be socio-culturally emancipated. Conversely, the Anglo Saxons of

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