Wednesday, October 9, 2019

This is a media analysis assessment (report format). The assessment Assignment

This is a media analysis assessment (report format). The assessment topic will be sent by file .pdf - Assignment Example The country produces readily available fresh produce with most of the population residing along areas near or at the coast, such areas posses popular fish and seafood cuisines, in contrast with the other temperate regions of Australia that eat foods according to the season such as rhubarb, zucchini and asparagus commonly eaten during spring. For example Tetsuya restaurant rated as one of Australias best restaurant’s provides a difusion of Asian and western cuisines based on both Japanese and French preparation techniques served in its Japanese garden setting. In addition restaurants like Lagoon Seafood restaurant provide unforgettable seafood dining experienced of fresh sea foods like prawn and Queensland’s crabs. Australia has the third largest fishing zone in the world with plentiful access to seafood’s such as prawn, salmon, lobster and tuna and 60 other species. The Australian cuisine contains seafood varieties such as King George whiting, Jew fish and yabby. Fish and chips consisting of deep fried fish and chips are yet another popular fast food that originated from the United Kingdom and continues to remain popular. On top of seafood cuisines, tourists have the luxury of enjoying aqua marine based sports such as fish sporting of the Barramundi specie and Flathead fish that are popular sports and table fish all over Australia. Australias wine industry ranks as the fourth top global wine exporter contributing 760 million liters’ of wine to the global industry, every state in Australia produces wine mainly in the southern parts of the country like New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. Famous wine districts like Hunter Valley with producers like Rosemount and Lindemans attracting local and international tourists in addition, beer is also popular with prominent brands like Fosters which is commanding global

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