Saturday, October 5, 2019

General Factor of Creativity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

General Factor of Creativity - Assignment Example Biofeedback, or self-consciousness learning from and simultaneously influencing the environment, is an important structural model for my decision making and the day to day activities of awareness. I find I have to accept mistakes as a given in any undertaking but repeatedly refine and re-focus the will to attain goals that are based in the ideals and beliefs of the highest good and intended to benefit the evolution of human consciousness. (diCarlo, 2010) Activity is only one dimension of the self in my philosophy of creativity, but it is through the creative process that what is lasting and memorable will be achieved in life. Nevertheless, I feel activity should be based on an altruistic motivation to help and assist others in all manners of living, valuing what is shared in a manner equal if not more precious than what is packaged and sold. The balancing of competing interests and maintaining a consistent philosophy, free of hypocrisy, with its own interpretation and application is the key to establishing an identity in works of art or literature born out of the creative process. ... velopment, I believe the personality must come into tune or harmony with the creative spirit and become effortless self-expression in order to be successful. Personality cannot be considered determinant of creativity, for the creative spirit takes force across all personality types. An excellent review of scientific literature on the subject is available in Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic’s Personality and Individual Differences (2007). I find too much in technique in art is equivalent to other forms of overbearing social life and communication, and from this the importance of balance in mind and awareness is made evident. Nevertheless, across all of the moods in my personality, I believe there may be also shared patterns of behavior or thinking that can facilitate creativity by sparking new ideas, critical approaches, or methodologies. Artists and musicians, as well as scientists, generally learn synergetically through combining multiple influences and traditions into a new and uniqu e form at the highest levels of creativity. In this regard, I believe creativity can become related very closely to spirituality in personal self-expression. According to Jungian psychology, as the mind and awareness becomes conscious of more universal themes, the self-expression of the personality on all levels can be expected to change in accordance with this. (Rothgeb, 1992) In this manner, creativity and personality are essentially the same force of self-expression to me, acting across multimedia and other forms of communication or relationship. The open, balanced and conscience-aware personality that is based in altruistic generosity seems the best ideal to for me to strive for in personal relationships, but the subject matter of the subconscious and conscious struggles based on ideals and

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