Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Role of Technology in Citizens' Social and Economic Development Coursework

Role of Technology in Citizens' Social and Economic Development - Coursework Example Many voluntary organizations have initiated numerous technological projects in rural areas to help improve the living standards of those in rural areas. The result is an increased penetration of technology in these areas. Technology has made tremendous impacts among the rural population, making work easier and improving living standards in many fronts, and despite the deterioration of societal values associated with it, it should be promoted.The penetration of technology in rural areas has come as good news to many rural dwellers. The positive aspects of this penetration are evident. The most conspicuous aspect is the increase in production. Clearly, economies, which have embraced technology, have registered improved productivity. For instance, in the agricultural sector, the use of modern farming techniques and tools has significantly improved the level of output. As opposed to traditional farming practices such as the use of simple tools like hoes, use of tractors, fertilizers, and irrigation have had a tremendous impact on food production, almost assuring food security despite the high population in the society. In offices, automation has played a pivotal role in increased yields (Raj, 2005). Previous manual operations, which consumed a lot of time, have been automated. The emergence of ATMs in the banking sector has allowed clients to transact easily and within less time.Additionally, technology has incorporated rural areas in the global village. Through globalization, the world has become â€Å"one big village† where information is passed and shared almost instantly. Technological inventions continue to reduce the distance between people. The use of emails, social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, phones, tablets, and fax has allowed people to keep in touch as if they are in the same geographical location. News spread faster because of technology. Ideally, it is honest to say that one can make a trip to the entire globe from a remote village withi n seconds courtesy of technology.

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