Saturday, October 19, 2019

Expanding the Oral Care Group in India Case Study

Expanding the Oral Care Group in India - Case Study Example et into global operations within four geographic divisions, including Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, and the Greater Asia (Gupta, 2015). By 2009, Cottle Company accrued revenues worth $11.5 billion, and its products were sold in over 200 nations worldwide. Approximately 50% of the revenues came from the business’ emerging markets. However, to meet its customers’ demands, the company maintains its manufacturing and business operations only in about 80 countries. The company believes in the provision and supply of quality products across the globe in order to cope with the competitive market and emerge the victor amongst its competitors. Currently, Cottle strives to strengthen its market base and presence within the Middle-East nations. This paper thereby analyses the company’s endeavors to market its oral care products and strengthen or broaden its market base in India (Jason, Jindal & Seth, 2014). It thereby considers the regional market challenges within India, as well as the possible alternatives and strategies for the challenges.For the success of its operations and product sales, the company must then consider the regional challenges within India between urban and rural consumers, as well as their willingness, ignorance, or reluctance to adopt the modern approaches to dental care (Quelch&Zalosh, 2012). A business strategy is the main focus of every organization’s practice and the one that organizations use to gain a competitive advantage. It is use to attract customers, strike out a market position, and achieve the objectives of the organization. Cottles situation of is not bad, and it just needs to follow its strategy and change a few things such as differentiation of its products. A review of Cottle strategy can help it to diagnose few problem areas that are present in the company. There is a need for alternative solutions. The strategic issues for Cottle will be discussed in order to craft alternative business

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