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Team Project Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Team Project Report - Essay Example whiz very important reason why Mt.Gravatt orderliness provides motley sports facilities is the recent change in Family feel System. People are now extremely concerned about health and the way it basis be sustained with help of sporting and recreations as well as a way to entertainment. Sports means about to Australians than almost any other countrys commonwealth (Conway, 2009) and therefore sports always has greater commercial enterprise opportunities as well. Australian Bureau Of Statistics (2005, p. 403) reported that Australia is inter subject arealy recognized as a nation macrocosm very much involved in Sport. Most Australians believe in benefits associated with sports and recreation, including enjoyment, social interaction, health, personal achievement, national pride and community involvement etc. In Australia, Sports Industrys revenue has been recorded as $5900.6 million, with 3.4 % revenue growth and this shows increasing trend towa rds sports in the country. According to the statistics, there are 6133 Sports Enterprises that provide 49,900 traffic opportunities (ibisworld, 2011). Reports show that both males and females are increasingly attracted to various sports activities. Young and school children are study groups among Mt.Gravatts customers. in order them to get improved in sports and recreation activities and to make them more aware of various sports activities, Mt.Gravatt has planned and already started various programs including Grass Root Course, Junior Development Program, Sports Development, Sponsorship etc (, 2011). When it comes to the need for sports and recreation, it is basically a life need. By considering how people recently perceive the importance of sports, it can be perhaps reckoned to be a basic need in the need hierarchy as detailed by Abraham Maslow. It can be understood from the total expenditure for the Sports equipment in Australia during 2003-2004, which was esti mated as 357 617.4 million. Impacts of Sports Facility Development on Stakeholders When Mt.Gravatt Club designs and develops its facilities, sports arrangements and all other services to its people, it will consequently get under ones skin many positive impacts on its major(ip) stakeholders- customers, employees and management, and relatively very few negative impacts on them like time consumption, spending, accident and injuries. As compared to Brobdingnagian opportunities and health and other benefits, these negative impacts are of meager significance to be debated on. The management of Mt.Gravatt can have greater influence and social reward from communities that it represents, and the employees and others who come to help sportsmen will be more promising to involved in a service job as well as good entertainment. The major stakeholders are no doubt its people or customers who come from around 5 kms from Mansfield, mainly from nigh areas like Wishart, Carindale, Burbank etc. F or these customers, Mt.Gravatt Club will be an amazing experience for rejoice, entertainment and more significantly for their long-term health benefits. As Waddington (2000, p. 34) argued, the widely accepted view that sport is good for health mogul be the very basic reason why people extensively fund for sport. Perhaps, many people within

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