Thursday, May 2, 2019

Meat Eating - a Necessary Evil Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

eye Eating - a Necessary Evil - Essay ExampleThe most fundamental issue on dietary ethics is that, for most people residing in the developed world, meat take in is not indispensable for their survival or health. Therefore, it is concluded that killing animals just beca wont they like the taste of animals is morally unjustifiable and wrong. However, the interrogative that re main(prenominal)s, Is it really wrong to eat meat? People have gone ahead to write most this issue one being Jay Bost who wrote an award winning article by the name Give thank for Meat and other writers like Singer, Peter and Mason who wrote the book The Ethics of what we eat why our provender choices matter. In both cases, the writers talk about the ethicality of meat eating and the killing of animals for meat. Both literatures turn in deep concern on the issue of animal welfare as they are converted to meat. The main variation between the two is Bost sees meat eating as a not so horrid activity while Sin ger and the other writers have a firm stand on the unethically of meat eating. For this essay, I will be going by the thesis statement that meat eating is a necessary evil. This is because meat does have some nutritional value in for our bodies because meat provides use with protein that is much needed to repair worn out cells and replace dead ones in the body. Although I do not agree with animal mistreatment because is unnecessary and cruel, meat eating does not have to be typeset in the same category as animal mistreatment.

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