Thursday, May 9, 2019

Canada and the European Union new free trade agreement Essay

Canada and the European wedding new free handicraft agreement - Essay ExampleCanada and the European Union new free trade agreementCanada as a country is renowned for its skillful ideas in research, innovation and invention and production of different types of construct products. These products include industrial and machinery, rail products, agricultural and medical equipments. The Canadas gross domestic product was $42.7 trillion resulting from employing approximately 418, 000 Canadian individuals in the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, the European Union benefits from Canada on products such as aero products, rail products and agricultural goods, and medical products, scientific and precision equipments. However, the trade between Canada and European Union is bear on by 22 percent tariff on the goods exported and imported. This has been affecting the trade making the European Union to get goods at costly prices (Canada).Upon the completion of the agreement, the Canad a-EU trade agreement will work to reduce and retreat most of the existing EU tariffs on the manufactured goods, which include electrical parts and equipments and medical equipments. The decrease of physical barriers on the market will help to increase market access for exports and imports. Additionally, the agreement gives opportunities of back up Canada and EU identify different ways and steps of either preventing imposition of non-tariff barriers or direct big bucks with them when they arise.

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