Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 10

Case Study ExampleOscar then graduated from a community college before he worked for a local jewelry shop. Despite the fact that he didnt know much intimately infields, Oscar was still able to receive diamonds and a Diamond Grading Certificate thanks to his hard work. Rodriguez subsequent opened a jewelry store of his own. After some of his customers told him there were better deals in the internet, Rodriguez obstinate to try selling on the internet too.After a while, he found a diamond dealer willing to give him diamonds which he started selling on the internet. After this his business grew enabling him to intimately the store he had opened and to rifle an entrepreneur who was savvy. In 2003, his company, went public. While it is true that Rodriguez was at the castigate place at the right time, there are also other factors that contributed to his success. His success can be attributed to the advice that was given to him by girlfriend to his roommate (Robbins & Jud ge, 2009).It is this advice given to him that sparked his curiosity leading him to start selling diamonds online. Mr. Rodriguez was worked real hard and this enabled him to open his own jewelry shop. Courtesy of his commitment, Oscar continued his education even receiving Diamonds and Diamonds Grading certification. Mr. Rodriquez had a vision. After he realized that his job as at the local jeweler would not succor him achieve the goals he had set out to achieve, he started exploring other options that were available to him (Briggs Myers, McCaulley, Quenk, Hammer, & Mitchell, 2009). He even went out front and started learning everything that there was to learn about diamonds.The other character that made Mr. Rodriquez successful was the fact that he was an ambitious man. He examined his situation and realized that his job, then, did not give him the opportunities for growth. He told himself that he would never become anything if he continued to work in his present job (The Gainesv ille Sun,

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