Saturday, February 23, 2019

Internal and external environment Essay

Introduction Internal and external environment of each company is a concept of poles asunder. The knowledge of human is influenced by various factors that be touch the environment in which that an individual is placed. A continuous and steady forward motion is the order of the sidereal day for increasing the human efficiency in functional environment. THE modern business man is the true heir of the old magicians. any thing he touches seems to increase ten or a hundredfold in value and usefulness. All the old methods, old tools, old instruments score yielded to his transforming spell or else been discarded for new and more effective substitutes.In a thousand industries the profits of to-day be wrung from the wastes or unconsidered trifles of yesterday(Scott, Walter Dill, 1998 Increasing Human Efficiency in Business, Chap. I. pg. 1) The era of computerization is ashes based approach at every level of working, whether it is in business, management, learning technology or an y industrial and social sector. The adherence to remains has been fruitful in all aspects and also in locating the danger areas that can be monitored to avoid such risks with ap set ashoreriate standards of management techniques and tools. interpretation of system and Managers adoption of principles of system A system is defined as an organized, unitary whole composed of two or more interdependent parts (subsystems) where the whole contains identifiable boundaries from its environment (suprasystem). The practice of system is based on system principles and methods which are to be tacit by a manager are (1) Define company as a system (2) Establish system objectives (performance criteria) (3) Identify wider systems (environment).(4) Create ceremonious subsystems (including a humanistic, psychosocial subsystem (5) Integrate the subsystems with the whole system (if not the subsystems themselves, whatever interrelates them with otherwise subsystems. There are various aspects that a re co-related with systems approach in wrong of management of external and internal environment and how management theory is relevant in legal matters and what is the status of manager in communication in solving complex issues that arise from time to time in both external and internal environment.This is another way of stating that a manager has to be dynamically competitive and work advantageously in both environments with the prop of system theory. Systems theory as prescribed above, requires a complete in-depth taste about working of a company apart from day to day analysis of performance indoors and outside environment of a company.The tools that are effective in measuring and managing the affairs of a company are viz., time management, risk management, supply chain management, team management, customer resemblance management, operation management, management of information systems, decision supportive systems and organizational behavior. A continuous persisting efforts of a manager produces emergence of new ideas and strategies apart from assisting in identifying key areas of a problem. It can also be say that problems produce some of the best systematic ideas that are recognized as best strategies in the long term for the benefit and growth of a company.And while the body is confined to one planet, along which it creeps with trouble oneself and difficulty the opinion can in an instant transport us into the most distant regions of the universe or even beyond the universe, into the boundless chaos, where nature is supposed to lie in total confusion. What never was seen, or heard of, may yet be conceived nor is any thing beyond the power of thought, except what implies an absolute contradiction.But though our thought seems to possess this unbounded liberty, we shall find, upon a nearer examination, that it is really confined within very narrow limits, and that all this creative power of the mind amounts to no more than the faculty of compounding, transposing, augmenting, or diminishing the materials afforded us by the senses and roll in the hay(Raleigh, N. C Alex Catalogue, An Enquiry concerning Human understanding, Sec. II. The origin of ideas, pg. 11) Ideas are the final outfit of thinking process, which has to undergo a brain storming session, group discussion and aft(prenominal) several workshops, a company launches a new product.

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