Sunday, September 8, 2019

Value of college Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Value of college Education - Essay Example In this modern age of business and economy, the demand for higher education has increased tremendously. Anyone who cares for a better future strives to attain a college degree in order to get their dream jobs. The biggest advantage of having a college degree is getting a better job and also to be the best in the competitive job market. Most companies require their employees to have at least a four-year college degree and five years work experience in certain jobs they apply for before they are offered the jobs. College degree prepares a student for the task ahead in the job industries and that is a major reason why most people work extremely hard to attain college degree so that they are able to get the kind of jobs that they desire. I grew up in a very poor family where college is the last thing my parent want to spend money on. Looking at my surrounding, I figured out that the only discrimination in my society is whether you own a college degree or not. I made a promise to myself to step up to the standard of my society by working hard to ensure I have a college degree. It is very important to have a college degree in order to acquire and display necessary employability skills and create a pool of highly skilled labor that most companies are outsourcing from overseas. Most high-skilled jobs like accounting, information technology, and criminal justice among others require quality education that enables one to make the positive impact in the global market and also to continue to compete among the best in the global job market.

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