Thursday, September 12, 2019

Using Technology within the Prescription and Medication Process Essay

Using Technology within the Prescription and Medication Process - Essay Example It is evidently clear from the discussion that the CPOE system used by hospital administrator made errors in the dosage prescribed and prescribed dosage as per the availability in the warehousing rather than as prescribed by the physicians. Moreover, the various screens, small font, and similarity in names also led to errors in matching prescription to the correct patient. Several scholars believe that structural-functional paradigms and organizational development processes are critical determinants of change. The structural-functional paradigm promotes the view that functional efficiency and structural modification increase the productivity. Thus innovation and new processes are identified to enhance organizational performance. Theory of organizational development is hugely pertinent as highlights organization’s willingness to change in order to improve productivity. It not only creates facilitating an environment of constant learning but also introduces new technology to inc rease efficiency and productivity. The flexibility in approach is vital ingredient within the organizational changes that require the constant involvement of the management and workforce to implement the changes successfully. Effective communication becomes an important factor to empower workers with relevant information so that they are better equipped to accept change and exploit it for higher productivity. The theories become important because structural and functional changes are accompanied by dissemination of information and training on new processes. It helps the workforce to understand change and become proficient in using new technology to meet fresh challenges. These theories of change management identify, evaluate and implement the changes through empowerment of the people and therefore would help administrators at Springfield Hospital to solve the problem of medication error.

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