Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Critical Thinking in Marketing Literature review

Critical Thinking in Marketing - Literature review Example A firm on the other hand is defined as a commercial organization, which provides services and products to consumers with expectations of getting profits in return. Market orientation is widely utilized in contemporary marketing. It entails analyzing competitors’ strategies and their impact on the public. Firms should redirect all resources toward achieving a common goal to ensure success of the market orientations. Marketing orientation mainly focuses on supplying products, which are made according to the needs, requirements, and desire of the customers in question. According to Jaworski &Kohli (1993), marketing orientation is firm’s generation of intelligence based on market strategies and focus on the need of the customers. The customers’ demands are either future or current. The intelligence should be disseminated to all other departments in the firm and the company of firm should be able to respond to it. During the industrial revolution to around sixty years ago, companies’ focus was based on utilizing the economies of scale and decreasing the cost of production. Products of high quality were less available during such periods and the firms’ main point of focus was to produce products in large quantities. Marketing elements such as design were ignored. The changes were due to the rise of capitalism created by the increasing number of middle class. After the Second World War, the markets became saturated with all types of products. The selling of the products declined. However, the companies adopted a model that focused on the making products and then supplying them to consumers, the model was called sales orientation (Harris, 2008). Despite the changes in strategies, customers were not involved in the process of developing products. Early 1970s Theodore Levitt a Harvard professor with other academicians criticized the sales orientation model and argued that

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