Friday, August 23, 2019

Would implementing groupware in our organization be more trouble than Essay

Would implementing groupware in our organization be more trouble than it would be worth - Essay Example Today’s work environments are nothing but groups of individuals working together to put together intelligent and complex systems and increased flexibility is one concern they all face in terms of communication of team goals, progress and even support on projects. Enterprise-wide softwares are becoming popular to enable the smooth working between the different groups within the organization, even the branches spread across the globe. Without these intelligent softwares, the work becomes time-consuming, complex and inefficient in relatively bigger projects. Even a small enterprise usually has different groups working on various projects and need to communicate for efficient teamwork. Then there are the different departments that need to share information and monitor the processes of the organization. As Coleman (1993, pp 31) notes House’s observations, â€Å"new enterprises use information technology as a strategic advantage and further exploit faster, better, less expensive access to critical information. And Groupware solutions based upon advanced communications and computing technologies are emerging to make this possible†. Groupware is nothing but a collaborative software used by the teams to â€Å"work on the same application or system† (Tech-FAQ, 2009). Groupware systems are â€Å"classified according to time-space matrix or the 3C model† (Borghoff, Schlichtzer, 2000, pp118). However, the use of this high-end technology depends on the comfort level of the user to efficiently utilize it to the full pote ntial. Given the exposure to various kinds of enterprise-wide softwares for almost every kind of work in the field of information technology, there is little doubt that the employees of a team would find communication using these groupwares difficult. On the contrary, using groupware in organization enables uniformity in process and workflow, improves access to information, speeds-up the business processes, enables uniformity in

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