Thursday, August 22, 2019

Video performance viewing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Video performance viewing - Essay Example The movement of the dancers can be seen to reflect this mood, especially through my favorite dance move during the ‘Jellicle’ Song. My favorite dance move would be the one, where majority of the cats come rushing into the foreground from the background, that is of an elevated platform, while some cats still remain on that platform. The sudden movement is the exact of a cat, which has spotted a ball of yarn and is eager to play with it, and the dance movements that follow, such as the twirl and arm movements, exactly give the feeling of a cat extending its paws to tap the ball of yarn. Here, the performers are seen to use the maximum space in stage, as they cover up the foreground as well as the background. The characters have been well developed and portrayed, not only do they have great costumes, but they have been able to capture the essence of domestic felines to the best extent. The various dance moves, such as the short leaps represent the movement of real cats, such as when they pounce on their preys etc, thus communicating feelings of victory, happiness etc. Therefore, it becomes clear how dance is used to express or communicate feelings and thoughts through theatre, and moreover, the music or scores are seen to strengthen the portrayal of these thoughts and feelings, thus helping the audience to better grasp the storyline as well as the major

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