Tuesday, August 13, 2019

In what manner (if any) does Stonewall Jackson illuminate the ideas Essay

In what manner (if any) does Stonewall Jackson illuminate the ideas and concepts put forth by the classical theorists (Sun Tzu, - Essay Example He was also successful at occasionally playing a defensive strategy when one was needed. Thus, he effectively displayed Clausewitz’ theories of attack and defense strategies. Jackson was also very skilled at mobilizing his troops and getting them to a location with great speed. Because he was able to get to the right spot at the right time, he was able to obtain important victories for the Confederacy (4). His ability to maneuver with great speed is something that Jomini believes is critical to success on the battlefield. In his work, â€Å"Summary of the Art of War,† he explains that â€Å"rapid movement† and â€Å"striking in the most decisive direction† is one of the most important factors in the outcome of a battle (5). Additionally, Jackson and Lee both held that obtaining specific enemy territories was critical to the army’s overall success. This is something that Jomini believed was also critical in determining the outcome of a war. It is obv ious that Jackson and other Civil War leaders studied Jomini and, in fact, his work â€Å"became the text book for the conduct of the American Civil War† (6). Sun Tzu’s work, â€Å"The Art of War,† deals heavily with the importance that terrain plays in the outcome of a battle. Much of Jackson’s success was due to his exceptional knowledge of the surrounding terrain as well as his ability to utilize the terrain to his advantage.

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