Thursday, November 21, 2019

Managing Change at an Unstable Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Managing Change at an Unstable Company - Essay Example Introduction Change refers to transition from a condition to another. Organizational can either be positive or negative to different or all parties in an organization. Managing such changes, especially adverse changes, are important in defining an organization’s progress. This paper explores a case scenario to determine possible initiatives for managing adverse changes in an organization. The paper reports on different approaches that the organization’s leaders must adopt to rescue the unstable company. Summary of the company’s case The organization that has been financially disadvantaged has undergone numerous challenges in the past one and a half years. These include high employee turnover rate, inability to update the company’s software for application in the Information and Technology systems, and stressed up employees who lack motivation. Even though the company’s top management has developed a strategy for reorganizing the company’s job s and responsibilities, each moment of imminent implementation of the strategy is impaired by employee turnover. A more comprehensive approach, based on an understanding of organizational behavior, is therefore necessary for a successful implementation of the strategy towards the company’s rescue. ... This is because such an organization is in dire need of a developmental phase to spearhead its recovery. The skills can for example motivate positive change even in instances where developmental initiatives have not been identified. One of the fundamental skills in development processes is an in depth knowledge of the processes and behavior in the subject organization. This has the advantage of facilitating effective strategies that can successfully spearhead developmental change. Listening and communications skills are also fundamental in development processes that involve coordination of different personnel and activities. Similarly, skills in research and statistical analysis are critical for monitoring and evaluation of change. The skills allow for identification of underlying problems for policy development, determination of progress made in development processes, and control of implementation of change strategies. Identification and implementation of the skills in the organizat ion will facilitate knowledge development in the company’s core problem and a subsequent management towards implementation of a selected policy (Brown, 2005). Short and long-term strategies The company also needs to develop strategies for its developmental strategies. Elements of capacity based theory of change processes; dynamism, learning, and personnel based strategies facilitate development. From this perspective, the company can develop short-term strategies such as employee motivation with the aim of controlling employee turnover during a planned reorganization initiative. Similarly, short term training to promote dynamism among existing employees, prior to a planned reorganization initiative, is essential in facilitating employee’s reception of change. This is

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