Tuesday, November 12, 2019

History evacuation course work Essay

The two sources are different, source B is a picture taken during the war in1939 the year in which the war had started in September. It seems to have been used as a government propaganda source. The photo is to encourage people to evacuate their children, also to get people to look at the people in the picture see the faces in the picture and look at their spirit and get them to follow the example. I have made this conclusion because the picture looks as if it has been taken from high up and at an angle looking down, also all the people are waving and they all look happy and the formation they’re walking in is pretty organized. The government wanted this because they wanted people two evacuate. Source C is a teacher being interviewed in 1988 remembering what happened the teacher tells us about the start of the journey at the train station about the mothers trying to shout to there children good bye because they wont see them for a long time. The teacher might not remember every thing because its 50 years after the event so his memory would be patchy or might only focus on just the bad points in instead of the good. This source was probably made for teaching aides or an archive because sources e and f are also dated 1988. I think that source C is the most valuable source as evidence as what happened because source b was probably set up by the government to get people to agree with them that children should be evacuated this was important to the government because they don’t want children among the casualty list also they want to keep that generation because in ww1 they lost a generation of men. Source C is someone who was their giving their opinion on the matter this is valuable because someone is recalling the truth as they saw it happening before them. The extract comes from a book called Carries war it was written in 1973 by Nina Bowden. The book is a children’s novel it has been written to entertain children. This would affect the book by changing facts and figures because she needs to make it more interesting. The context of this story is the evacuees Carrie and nick being taken back to there evacuation home by there carer Miss Evans before this scene they would have had been at the train station being issued to there cares. Miss Evans thinks that the evacuees Nick and Carrie are poor Carrie and Nick think that it’s funny and aren’t really bothered. The characters think this because the children saw evacuation as a big adventure but the adults saw the children as smelly little things. The conditions some of the children come from were terrible the houses were terraced close together and very poor quality. I think this source is not very reliable at all it is a story it is a story it is made to entertain little children problems would be that the facts may be different and could that the author doesn’t have a clue.

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