Friday, July 26, 2019

Digital Channels and Social Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Digital Channels and Social Media - Essay Example The most important part of business is advertising your products and services and social networks have made it very easy. The success of your business depends on more public relations you make. This was not easy some years back but now the world has shrunk into a global village and making social relations is easier than ever before. Finding your target market and serving them, sharing of information and ideas, updating your data details of sales and taxes, and following the market trends; these all tasks are now just as easy as that. Getting the feedback from your customers is of vital importance in every type of business. This job can be done through communicating with your customers; social media and digital channels provides us this valuable facility and use of this facility can take your organization to the height of success. Use of digital channels and social media in marketing: Digital marketing is a term defining upraise of your business by the use of different digital tools l ike emails, social networks and cellular services. The marketing of your business can be done very effectively by using digital technology and internet services. There are many uses of digital channels in marketing field some of them are discussed here. There are wide uses of digital marketing and social media networking. The most important use is your direct link with your customers this facility is provided to business organization and they can use it to increase their sales. The records of your customer and deals with them can be saved and reviewed at any time. You can save your time and efforts by addressing many of your customers at same time. The level of ease will increase and you... This essay approves that social media is another mean of interaction between people; social media is defined formally as the set of different online technology implements that make people to communicate easily through internet and share their information, ideas, views and resources with people of interest. It includes text, audio, video, images, podcasts, and some others. Different social networks like Facebook, twitter, and blogs are used presently for the convenience in every aspect of life. Social media are differentiated from other old fashioned media in many ways frequency, reach, quality, immediacy, usability, and permanence. The most appropriate use of social media is in the field of marketing, advertisement and public relations. Social media has affected the businesses; it has taken them from ground to higher levels. Social media is used as powerful tool for marketing of different products and services, different people have started their own small business and marketed their products of Facebook, tweeter, and other internet based social media. This report makes a cocnlusion that the first and top most ethical issue that can badly affect the repute of any business is use of social media and digital channels for customers’ feedback. When you place your product on a social media website for sake of market it may harm your business. Many people will comment and claim negatively and your product will lose the market. To build trust and credibility regarding the use of social networks and digital channels certain steps must be taken. Avoiding spam emails, popup windows, deceptive marketing and advertising to keep the trustworthy relationship with your consumers and satisfy their needs.

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